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Global Cooking for Kids

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Global Cooking for Kids, winner of the prestigious Gold Addy Award, and written by Remmi Smith is a 175 page cookbook full of pictures, color, flavors and fun! There are recipes for complete meals with appetizers, salads, entrée’s and desserts from delicious cuisines across the seven continents. Global Cooking for Kids not only has recipes that are healthy for you, but they are also fun to make! Along with delectable meals, it's packed with educational features of various food cultures including fun food facts, brain teasers and more…This book will give children and families an awesome time  in the kitchen and yummy dishes to prepare and share. Bon Appétit! 

Global Cooking for Kids Includes:

  • Delicious cuisines from Seven Continents
  • Recipes for salads, appetizers, entrées and desserts
  • Educational features including fun facts, cooking tips and more